Custom Lingerie and Apparel

Get EXACTLY what you want

We know that people have specific needs, tastes and desires, and accurately matching that with the right article of clothing can make a world of difference. Especially in the bedroom, dungeon, playspace, on stage and in the party scene. We also are very aware that not everyone looks like the models in the pictures.

Venus Fashions has been making clothing for many subculture participants, discreet play partners and those with needs that cannot be met by off the shelf products since before the days of the internet, and certain niche sites become popular.

We have the experience, and the skills to create custom outfits, fetish gear and one-of-a-kind pieces to your exact specifications. And we have access to most any kind of material.

We can create a design based on existing styles, or you can send us your own ideas and designs and we will tailor something to your exact measurements. You can also have a consultation with one of our designers and work craft something together to create the perfect design.

We are here to help.